A Rock n Roll Film about Life, Death and Bodily Functions

2009, 24p, 99 min.

D TOUR (99 mins), directed by Jim Granato, is a powerful, evocative and deeply personal story. Combining a band road trip with a personal quest for an organ donor, the film follows the journey of Pat Spurgeon, a talented indie rock musician on the rise, whose life becomes consumed with the care and feeding of his failing kidney. Spurgeon, a previous kidney transplant recipient, is part of the organ donor / recipient community, a special group whose lives become entwined in life and death. On one side are those who are saved through tragedy or by an incredible gift from a living donor; on the other are the families of the donors, who are offered a chance for hope and bittersweet resolution for their loss. D TOUR is filled with unexpected twists and the joys and sorrows of life.

Pat Spurgeon is an integral part of the indie pop band Rogue Wave, whose four critically acclaimed albums and performances worldwide have earned them a growing fan base. As the film begins, Spurgeon is embarking on tour, an exhausting prospect even for healthy musicians, but almost impossible for someone coping with dialysis, dietary restrictions and the search for a living donor match. While his choice to keep touring and working towards the band's goals is put to the test, Spurgeon continues to deal with his challenges in a straightforward and matter-of-fact way. D TOUR addresses issues within the U.S. healthcare system, including the lack of affordable insurance, the importance of organ donation, and much more. Featuring live performances from Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie), Nada Surf, John Vanderslice, The Moore Brothers and of course, Rogue Wave.

Produced, Directed, Photographed & Co-Edited by Jim Granato

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